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Start of Multinational PSO Basic Course 2013

Start of Multinational PSO Basic Course 2013 Start of Multinational PSO Basic Course 2013

      On March 04th 2013, one more “Multinational PSO Basic Course” started as scheduled, in the MPSOTC’s premises.

       35 students have responded as participants in this 2 weeks course. All students are either active or reserved members of the Armed & Security Forces or civilians.

     During the course, our students will attend 40 hours of academic classes, where issues relevant to Multinational PSOs Basic Course are addressed and explained in detail by experienced trainers. Moreover, trainees will have the opportunity to carry out field exercises in Check Point, Urban Operations and Daytime Patrol.

       MPSOTC welcomes all trainees and wishes them a fruitful training.

       Next course to come is the 2 weeks “Multinational PSOs Advanced Course” scheduled to start on the Apr 08th, 2013. Participation of qualified national and international Guest Speakers and Instructors from various Institutions is expected.


Learning Objectives of the Multinational PSOs Adnvanced Course:


Conceptual background of PSOs

NATO/Multinational staff organization and Command structure

Process Design and analysis of operational missions

ROE-Law of Armed Conflict

Plans and orders in PSOs

New threats of 21th century – the role of NATO

Departments of Brigade/Division HQ

Decision making process

NATO policy and doctrine on CIMIC

Hygiene and environmental health issues

Media relations in PSOs

      Slots are still available, so nations that may have an interest in this course send your joining report ASAP.

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