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Ending of the Public Affairs Officers Course 2012

Ending of the Public Affairs Officers Course 2012 Ending of the Public Affairs Officers Course 2012

       The Public Affairs Officers Course has finally come to an end. During the two weeks’ course the students received theoretical training on basic maters concerning public affairs, but also used the knowledge provided, in practice during the practical training part. They participated in the exercise «NORTHERN MESSENGER», where they organised and run a Public Affairs Office in a simulated operation environment under a realistic scenario.

      The course consisted of 22 students from different countries (China, Jordan, Italy, Poland, United Arab Emirates, Turkey and Greece), military and civilian, professionals and students in the field of communication.

       The instructors, who came from several different countries also (Bosnia Herzegovina, Germany, Denmark, Greece, Italy and Hungary) were all very proficient in their areas of expertise. At the same time the practical training part was supported by a team of journalists and technicians.

     We should note the great success of the course this year, as it described in the student evaluation forms.

     We wish good luck to all of them and especially to the ones who are going to be positioned in Public Affairs positions, where they will put in good use the new skills they acquired.

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