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3 - 14 Oct : Sea-Land Borders Security & Refugees/Arms/Dual-Use Goods                                  Control Course.

7 - 11 Nov : Cultural Awareness Course.

14 - 18 Nov : Protection of journalists in conflict areas Course.

                     (ONLY For journalists & Media workers)

22 - 25 Nov : Operationalizing the Law of Armed Conlicts (in cooperation with NRDC-GR)

28 Nov - 9 Dec : Multinational CIMIC Field Workers’ Course.

Public Affairs Course is scheduled to take place on 19 June 2011 in Multinational Peace Support Operations Training Center. It is a two weeks course With both Theoretical Training the first week and practical training the second with a small exercise. Many experienced instructors in PAO issues will give lectures and will attend as mentors.

The aim of this course is o provide students with a working knowledge of NATO’s PA policy, responsibilities, procedures and duties of a Public Affairs Officer.

Invitations are sent through the Defense Attaches to the Countries. All interested individuals should apply through the respective Defense Attaches sending a Joining Report and a CV.

Course Director

Cpt (GRC-A) Ioannis Noitsakis

Phone: +30 23410.27468 ext 146

Fax :     +30 23410.27648


Ending of the ΝΑΤΟ Public Affairs Officer Course 2016 (II).    Ending of the ΝΑΤΟ Public Affairs Officer Course 2016 (II).
The NATO Public Affairs Officer Basic Course has finally come to an end. During the two weeks’ course the students received training...
Visit in the Royal Macedonian Tombs in Vergina.    Visit in the Royal Macedonian Tombs in Vergina.
On Saturday 10th of September, Hellenic MPSOTC organized an expedition for the participants of the “NATO Public Affairs Officer Basic Course''...
Start of Public Affairs Officers Course 2016 (II)    Start of Public Affairs Officers Course 2016 (II)
On September 5th 2016 one more Public Affairs Officers Course started as scheduled, in the MPSOTC premises...
Ending of the UN Military Observers Course 2016.    Ending of the UN Military Observers Course 2016.
On June 3rd 2016 one more Multinational UN Military Observers Course came to its end...
Visit of the Fort “ROUPEL”.    Visit of the Fort “ROUPEL”.
On Saturday 21th of October 2016, Military Officers from Greece, Bosnia/ Herzegovina and Slovakia and civilians also, who attend the UN Military Observers Course...
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