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     MPSOTC’s primary mission is to provide academic and field training on the specialized field of PSOs, to National and Multinational personnel in accordance with the most current international accepted standards.


     - To support the pre-deployment “mission-specific” training of national contingents, which are tasked to participate in PSOs.

     - To brief and educate the Staff Elements and Military Observers before mission assignment.

     The establishment of the appropriate prerequisites, for the exchange of ideas and experiences concerning PSOs. Training, offered by TC, is open to all NATO, PfP, MD, ICI and any (*) Countries after bilateral agreements. The improvement of the training is made according to the new operations’ requirements of PSOs. The Center’s working language is English. The training shall not compromise classified NATO issues .

     Training is organized and conducted by the Training Section, which take care of the academic and field training activities. The Course Directors make sure all arrangements are made to the last detail and ensure that all requirements are met pursuant the NATO E&T Concept.The max crowd of trainees is 35.


     (*) Non NATO, non PfP, non MD, non ICI Countries.

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