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Location & Facilities

       The Training Center is located at the ancient Kristoni village in the area of Kilkis, 45 km north of Thessaloniki on a key position in North Greece close to an intersection with a main motorway and a railway which makes physical access very easy. You can find the location of MPSOTC here.

      Academic Training is carried out in new spacious classrooms, adequetly equipped with all necessary equipment such as PCs, Projectors, ACs e.t.c. The Intranet that links all of our training facilities and various equipment  allows the conduct of the most demanding CAXs and syndicate sessions.  Classroom A

     Field training is carried out in a special training area for PSO and   urban warfare which is located at Argiroupoli, a small village, 5 km east of Kilkis

     You can find photos of MPSOTC facilities here.


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